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The HCG hormone’s duty is mainly helping females to get pregnant. It’s also stimulating testosterone production for male. Pregnyl Hcg is producing from urine of pregnant women. It has a special extraction progress using by only specified laboratories. It mainly triggers luteinizing hormone to produce testosterone. Today many athletes and bodybuilders prefer Pregnyl HCG in their post cycle therapies because it’s a quick way to recover testicles to old size which are shrink after steroid in cycles.

In very long or heavy short cycles, Hpta levels on body reduce dramatically. There are many ways to recover Hpta levels but none of them are quick and side affectless like Pregnyl Hcg. Many athletes today prefer to use Pregnyl Hcg in the last 3-4 weeks of their long cycles and following it 3-4 weeks after cycle’s end.

There are two common dosages of Pregnyl Hcg as 500 mcg and 1000 mcg. But for many people, so high dose can cause too much aromatization and because of dangerous aromatization side effects, they must be used dose under 500 mcg. It will affect in longer period but will avoid also dangerous side effects. Many athletes inject 500iui in last 4 weeks of a cycle and then increase it to 1000iu once a week.

Active life of Pregnyl Hcg is 5 days. Also it must be used at least 5 days after last injection because of long active life. Traces of Pregnyl Hcg can be found till 3 months. Professional bodybuilders are also adding substances like bacteriostatic water to injection for gaining maximum benefit from Pregnyl Hcg.